Hire me

Hire Me

If you want to create a well designed Django Restful API based on a legacy database that you or your company already have, you could hire me. You will get a beatiful and performant API in about 10 hours of work.

I am only available on weekends for doing the job but we could exchange emails over the week in order to understand your requirements.

My rate is $120.00 (USD) per hour so you coud have your old website or desktop application ready for new UI using whatever cool technology in JavaScript you have in mind(AngularJS, React, EmberJS, ExtJS, Secha Touch, etc) for about $1,200 dollars. Of course, nobody could know how many hours it will take to create an API if you want too many tables(models) but I will give you my log so will know that I am fair.

I will also include swagger documentation about the API so your developers or clients can use it without looking at the backend code.



PS. My résumé is at http://www.restapibuilder.com/about/.